on Monday 5th June

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“Sharing is caring”, survey finds

A recent survey found that one in five people said that if they won our €200,000 cash prize the first thing they would do would be to share it with their family. A small percentage also indicated that they would donate some of their winnings to a charity or local sports teams.

As one would expect, homes were a big consideration with 37% of respondents saying they would improve their current home or buy a new home if they won. The other main findings included:

  • 21% of people would pay off their loans/mortgage
  • 8% would go on holiday, with a number of people saying they would buy a Campervan
  • 5% would buy a new car
  • 3% would save/invest the money
  • And among the other responses, taking early retirement was a popular choice

What would you do if you won €200,000 next Monday night?

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